Is Your Vacation Rental Ready for Peak Summer Season in San Diego?

San Diego is a great vacation destination all year round, with moderate temperatures and something to do for everyone.  The number of visitors it has each year has been consistently on the rise over the past few years.  Summertime remains one of the busiest seasons for the area. Summer is made for vacation, exploration and relaxation time.  You can show each of your tenants exactly why San Diego is such a hot vacation spot. This summer provides a great opportunity for you to market your rental at a premium price, maximize profits and build great relationships with your customers.

Have a game plan for the summer.  

Keep a detailed list of everything related to your rental to stay organized and take full advantage of your summer bookings.  This should include your goals, upgrades needed, maintenance, reminders, and notes on what worked and didn’t work for tenants.  This will help you further refine your rental process to give your clients the best (and most organized) experience possible. Keeping track of your rental will provide you immediate benefits this summer and help you simplify your process for all future customers too!

Be an exceptional host.

From the inquiry to check-out, let your renters know that you are there for them throughout the process.  Strive for quick responses, helpful tips, and go the extra mile in all the rental details. If you know what the purpose of your tenant’s stay is, you might include more information or brochures on their interests.  Or you might include a small but thoughtful welcoming gift to let them know how excited you are to host them in your home. Being a good host builds great rapport, which will lead to great reviews, returning customers and future referrals.

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Have a strategy for filling your calendar.

With high summer season, you should notice your available dates quickly filling up, especially around weekends and holidays.  You may notice a few open days here and there that you would like to have filled. This is where you can take full advantage of marketing strategies and discounts as the dates get closer (If they still aren’t filled).  If you have a management team, like Skye Management, they can help you determine the best time to drop your prices and fill any gaps on your calendar.  Experience, science (algorithm software), and a little faith will help keep your home at full capacity this summer!

Be unique.  

As an exceptional host, make sure you showcase what is special about your home to pique the interest of vacationers.   At the same time, make sure to show its versatility too, so that everything from family reunions to business meet-ups will want to rent your space.  This means professional photos, high quality listings and anything else you can do to show off your home (such as location and amenities). Once tenants are in your home, make sure it feels inviting so that they can experience vacation vibes during their entire stay.

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Summer season is here.   Are you ready?! If this all sounds overwhelming, you can hire a management team to take care of all of this for you and have a relatively worry free summer.  It doesn’t have to be complicated with just a little preparation and thought. The key to a successful summer is catching the eye of your potential customers and then making them as happy and as comfortable as possible.

Good luck!

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