How to Decorate Your Vacation Home to Attract the Guests You Want

As the owner of a vacation home, it should make sense that you want to attract the highest quality customers possible.  This leads to better care of your home and a great overall experience for everyone involved.   Ultimately, how you decorate and set up your home will determine if these potential guests will even consider your vacation home.

Everybody wins when you care about your rental appearance.

If you take the time and put effort into the small but important details of your home, you will inspire people to take care of your home as if it’s their own.  Plus, they will instantly feel at ease and love every minute of their stay. For these reasons, decorating your home should take some planning!

Here is what to consider for decorating your home:

  • Pick an inviting theme and try to incorporate it throughout the home.  Whether your home is modern, beach, country, or cabin in the woods themed, try to keep it consistent throughout the home to give your guests a relaxed feeling on their vacation.  Being all over the place doesn’t usually promote relaxation or satisfaction. Make sure to use your location as inspiration so your decor isn’t completely out of place and is appropriate for the area.
  • Go for functional, durable, AND pretty.  When picking out larger furniture items and decor, try to pick something that is very useful and easy on the eyes.   That means no hand me down couches with 80’s patterns on them (unless you invest in a nice cover) or kitchen chairs that are cute but completely uncomfortable.  Find a balance between style, function and comfort.  You want your home to be flexible and accommodate various group or family sizes, so make sure there are options for expanding.  Add beds where possible with bunks, blow up mattresses, and pull out couches when possible.  Lastly, pick items that are high quality and durable so they can handle the wear and tear of renting.
  • Make it feel like home without the clutter.  When decorating a vacation home, less is definitely more. There is a fine balance between too much wall space (making a home feel empty) and making the house feel cluttered and small.  Pick a few accent pieces that fit your theme while trying to keeping the feel of the home more open.
  • Arrange your home in a way that promotes the best possible flow.  Make it easy to navigate and give your home the most open feeling possible. Don’t crowd doorways or fill a room with clunky furniture.
  • Dress up your outdoor space.  People love the option of sitting outside with friends and family.  Make it inviting with patio furniture, a BBQ, or a few strategically placed string lights to bring your outdoor space to life!
  • Make your home feel high end without the budget.  Update your home to feel sparkly and new. Fresh wall paint, a new rug, new light fixtures or hardware and a good fitting couch cover can do wonders for making a space feel luxurious and less outdated.
  • Add little extras that show your care.  Choose items for the home that are functional and decorative. Extra plugins for charging devices, night lights, bedside lamps for reading, and laundry hampers in the bathrooms, all show that you put a little extra thought into the design and functionality of your space.

Furniture and decoration go a long way in a home to help a customer decide on the right vacation rental for them.  It’s all about going above and beyond to show your customers that your home is relaxing, unique and just what they need.

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