Airbnb Travel Trends for 2022

Airbnb is one of the most popular travel websites in the world. With over 4 million listings in over 190 countries, it’s easy to see that Airbnb has become a big success. With that success comes continual change, and with changes come a new set of challenges for Airbnb hosts. In this blog post, we’ll cover how to stay fully booked on Airbnb by exploring some trends for 2022 and how you can pivot your business accordingly as needed.

How Airbnb Continues to Grow Successfully

Airbnb is a platform that aims to provide travelers with the perfect accommodation for their next trip. To stay ahead of the curve, Airbnb has been making changes and implementing new trends to keep up. This keeps them relevant even when the way we travel has changed drastically. In 2022, there will be many different ways that you can make your Airbnb hosting experience better. We will discuss these trends below.

Airbnb Platform Changes for 2020

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Here’s what they’ve adjusted this year on their booking interface to keep up with trends:

  • Pet fees. If you’re allowing pets in your rental, there is now a pet fee that you can charge guests. This usually ranges from $50-$100 depending on the size of the pet and whether or not they’re allowed access to certain areas of the house. Since many people are traveling with their pets these days, adding the option can help you cater to more guests. The additional fees can help alleviate any worries a host might have about damage.
  • The “I’m flexible feature.” This feature gives guests the option to search for properties that are available on specific dates, but also have some availability in the days leading up to and after their original booking. This is perfect for those who may have a flexible travel schedule or are looking for a last-minute deal. This is a popular feature these days when people are significantly more flexible with travel dates secondary to remote and virtual work.
  • Types of listings. Four new categories can now be selected for a listing. These include ski-in, ski-out, luxe, and off-the-grid. They have been added to cater to growing interests in the consumer population in these categories.

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How People Travel in 2022

The pandemic has significantly changed the way most people travel. In 2022, there are a few primary ways that people like to (and can) travel. Here are some of the most popular trends to keep in mind:

  • Staycations. As the pandemic continues, it can be difficult, even impossible, for people to travel outside of their own country. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in increased demand for domestic trips and vacations. Vacationing close to home has become a practical way to “escape” day-to-day life while prioritizing staying healthy (and the bonus of saving money).
  • Group travel. In addition to staycations, another popular trend is group travel. As the world gradually re-opens, people are looking for opportunities to spend quality time with their loved ones in a controlled environment that can easily provide safety. This can range from immediate family members to extended family and even friends.
  • Long-term travel. While group travel is popular for shorter trips, another trend that has seen a resurgence is long-term travel. This type of trip usually involves packing up and moving to a new place for an extended period (weeks, months, or even years). With the ease of booking a long-term rental on Airbnb and remote jobs, this trend continues to grow. (You can read all about catering to working nomads here.)

Other 2022 Trends


Social media and the way we interact with the world have yielded some interesting results in the rental decor market. TikTok has revealed some trending keywords. Additionally, some hosting subgroups have been flourishing in the face of the hardships of the past few years.

  • Tiktok aesthetic trends are also reflected in many successful Airbnb listings:
    • Cottagecore– a simple rural living style, reflected by cottage decor and cozy wooden accents. This has been made popular with lockdowns and the longing to “get away.”
    • Botanical– plants have a way of making a place feel cozy and more natural. Homes that are filled with beautiful indoor plants are winning major brownie points this year. (Bonus points for keeping the air clean and fresh too.)
    • Eclectic– choosing fun bright colors and nostalgic decor are trending upward. Popular themes include the 70s, 80s, and disco.
    • Gothic and folk– these two are pretty self explanatory.
    • Maximalism– yes you read that right! Some home designers are ditching popular minimalist ideas of the past and filling their homes with fun, quirky, and vintage items. Another popular term that focuses on maximalism over minimalism is Grandmillenial (a combination of the words grandma and millenial).
    • Sustainable– eco-friendly, energy-efficient, zero-waste homes are some of the fastest-growing rentals this year. It turns out that being mindful of products, decor, and appliances is not only good for the Earth but also for bookings.
    • Holiday themes– festive decor that correlates to the current season is always trending. Customers enjoy the added attention to detail when they’re on vacation to celebrate.
  • More hosts on the platform. In 2022, the number of hosts on Airbnb continues to grow and reach historic new levels. This is secondary to changes in work flexibility, more opportunities to rent, and more people open to new ways of making income for themselves and their families.
  • More women with financial freedom. It has been shown that women were hit harder by the pandemic. This is primarily due to changes in work opportunities in correspondence with access to childcare and access to school. Thankfully, many women have found great success by turning to the flexibility and scalable income of Airbnb hosting.
  • More opportunities. The Airbnb market may seem saturated, yet there’s never been a better time to become a host. There are people across the globe looking for unique catered experiences that you can offer with your home.

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The Importance of Being Flexible

Airbnb is successful because it does its best to keep up with ever-changing customer needs. This helps make travel as enjoyable as possible for consumers and keeps them coming back for more. As a host, adopting this same mentality of flexibility and striving to take care of potential customers can yield great results. While the travel industry has taken a hit over the past 2 years, being able to pivot and cater to your customers can help you stay relevant and successful in today’s market.

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