Catering to Working Nomads with AirBnB

In the past two years, COVID has changed a lot of things for people around the world. Of course, there have been many downsides to COVID, especially for people who have gotten confined to their homes. Yet, a few advantages have emerged related to our new lifestyles, such as the flexibility of remote work and spending more time with our families. One thing is for sure, people are itching to get out and explore the world again, even if it’s close to home as working nomads. 

Travel Trends of 2021

As the U.S. has started to open up with fewer restrictions, domestic travel has seen an increase as compared to international travel. There are a lot of people who are looking to travel closer to their home and prefer traveling by car due to safety and logistics reasons. When searching for places to stay and explore, the safety factor is now a top priority with factors like cleanliness and social distancing at the forefront. 

After a tough year, there are also quite a few people who wish to take their travel experience up a notch- even if it’s for local travel. Here are some of the top trends Airbnb has found for 2021:

  • Guests are now looking to stay in one of a kind rentals. This translates to unique and fun experiences such as yurts, treehouses, barns, domes, farm stays, and Cycladic homes. 
  • Many people prefer going to places that are eco-friendly and produce less waste- looking for options that do not harm the environment. 
  • People are finding they have a lot more travel flexibility thanks to remote work, allowing for longer stays in one place to explore and enjoy. 
  • People are also now craving human interaction as a result of the lockdown throughout 2020, particularly with their families. In fact, the term “family” is now the most trending keyword for domestic travel. 
  • People are choosing to travel in small groups and look forward to eating home cooked meals, playing, and spending high quality time together in spacious rentals (such as entire homes).

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The Flexibility of Working Nomads

With many people working from home now, people are now embracing life as working nomads- a title once reserved for backpacking 20 year old’s that didn’t have a career or family yet. Although traveling by air has decreased, with restrictions loosening people are now looking forward to road trips to meet their loved ones without disturbing their school or work routine. Thankfully, for many people it has become extremely easy to work from anywhere now while fulfilling their desire to travel!

Airbnb has been catering to working nomads for years. However, now this platform offers even more unique opportunities for remote workers. Whether they just want to book a place for a night or two to clear the space in their head and boost their productivity, or explore a new place for weeks, or even months, while working from their computer- nowadays Airbnb offers this and so much more. Short term rentals, long term rentals (considered 4 weeks or more), and even remote online experiences are all offered through the Airbnb platform. 

Remote Work and Travel Life: The New Norm

According to a survey done by AirBnB, many professionals now expect remote working to be the standard for their work for the foreseeable future. And the reason is two-fold: employees don’t want to return to full-time office-based jobs and some employers are realizing the reduction of overhead costs and boost in productivity when employees have more flexibility with their schedules. This statistic illustrate that we might see a change in trends for office-going professionals becoming full-time remote jobs!

This remote lifestyle has given individuals a lot of freedom to decide their routines. Although it was a major stressor for many people during COVID lockdowns, it has actually led to some people reporting being more satisfied with their lives and hence resulting in better performance at work too (a win-win!). 

In fact, many people have relocated, either temporarily or permanently, during the pandemic and plan to continue to work remotely from their new homes. Also, some parents are enjoying virtual schooling of their children as this has also given them the freedom to travel throughout the year without disrupting or compromising on their child’s education. 

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The Future of Work and Travel 2021

The trend of combining work and travel in 2021 has seen a huge spike now that people are trying to get back to some form of normalcy after a difficult time in 2020. When it comes to travel in 2021 and beyond, people are now feeling hopeful again about the possibility to explore. 

Remote work, or working from home, has translated to a lot of potential benefits for both employers and employees. These include cost savings, saving time on commutes, increased productivity, and an overall boost in quality of life. Being able to work from home comes with unique opportunities to travel, move to a destination that better fits your lifestyle, or to simply be closer to extended family.

Getting the Most from Remote Work

Being able to work while traveling can be a good thing. Yet, it’s important to understand that setting a routine and boundaries is important. Otherwise, it’s easy to feel buried under work or, alternatively, want to explore too much during work hours. 

Of course, work from home comes without its own unique challenges. Whether exploring a new location short term or long term, having a few strategies in place can help maximize the travel and work experience. Let us take a look at some tips for making working remotely more effective:

  • Keep open communication with colleagues
  • Be present when working (aka no unnecessary distractions)
  • Create a daily work routine and stick to it while also allowing for some flexibility
  • Pack appropriately for both travel and work
  • Don’t forget about any changes in time zones to stay on top of deadlines
  • Set limits- while it is a little hard to differentiate between work and “rest” time when working remotely, try to limit work timing to periods of intense focus and efficiency
  • Try getting work done first thing in the morning before the day unfolds and gets busy
  • Explore while you work
  • Pick a safe destination

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Catering to Working Nomads on AirBnB

For those who have rental listings on Airbnb, there are a lot of ways to maximize your bookings and customer satisfaction. With domestic travel on the rise in the U.S. Airbnb has become a major hub for finding both short term and longer term rentals. Putting attention into a few trending details can help you consistently book high quality happy customers. These include discounted monthly stays, highlighting unique amenities, cleanliness, and the opportunity to stay in an entire home.   

Additionally, staycations have gained a lot of popularity during the past year. This is because people want to enjoy their time off from their daily routine without having to travel too far. These trends will certainly help those with short-term rentals. Consider creating your own travel guide that reviews new things to explore in the vicinity of your rental (bonus points if it involves being outside and socially distanced!). 

With these little tweaks, you don’t have to wait for a holiday season to fully book your rental(s). People that work remotely and have been stuck at home for too long are ready to find their next awesome vacation rental. Make it clear that your rental is the right fit for them and they’ll be happy to book! 

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Redefining How We Travel

The last year has brought some radical changes to the way we live our lives- some for the better as we adjust to new ways of living. Whether you are a remote worker in need of a change of pace or a property owner looking to have a better financial year, 2021 holds a lot of promise for you. 

If you are a property owner that wants to tap into the changing Airbnb rental market in Southern California, consider getting in touch with our team at Skye Management. We can take all of your worries and questions away by offering full management packages that fit your needs, including everything from property listing, cleaning, professional turnovers, customer service, and more. 

People are itching to get back to the sandy beaches and beautiful nature of Southern California. And we can help show them that your rental is the right place to do just that. Ultimately, Airbnb rentals offer a great opportunity to ensure everyone enjoys their travel time while staying safe. 

As a rental property owner, how are you catering to this new market of remote travelers and workers?

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