How to Create a Phenomenal Vacation Rental Listing

Competition is fierce nowadays for short term rentals with the rapid expansion of sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Thus, having an eye-catching listing is crucial to help guests choose your rental over others. It’s all about keeping the attention of your potential guests, making them want to read and investigate further. Everything from photos, to the title, summaries and full description should be designed to keep the reader intrigued from start to finish.

Choose a catchy title.

The title is where it all begins. This is where being precise yet descriptive will encourage more clicks on your listing. Choose a few describing words that give your guests a clear picture of what they’ll get before they even look at your summary.

Airbnb allows 50 characters for their titles. In this space, key components of a title should include details like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the style of the home, the type of neighborhood or any nearby landmarks, amenities and/or any special features you may want to showcase. You may choose to include all these details or choose what’s move relevant to your home.

How to build your title:

  • Use abbreviations such as BR (bedroom), +, =, w/ (with), BA (bathroom), and AC (air conditioning).
  • Use descriptive words such as spacious, luxury, vintage, high-end, re-modeled, cozy, inviting, charming, etc.
  • Avoid generic boring words like good, great, and new.
  • Make sure to include one must have that you’re home has such as an amenity or the location. Include terms like pool, ocean, view of __, close to __, etc.

Showcase your features in the summary.

When writing the summary, the first thing a customer will see when they click on your listing, think about your target audience and what they are most likely looking for in your home. Choose 2-3 top features in your home and discuss them at the top of your listing. This is what will help a guest decide if they will continue further into your listing for further detail. Additionally, include how any conveniences your home offers to help guests enjoy their vacation to the fullest with ease.

Get detailed.

Once you get past the title and summary and into the meat of the listing, this is where you want to make sure you include every detail. Do this by being specific yet succinct (i.e. no run on sentences). This means including all the amenities, what kind of access guests can expect to have and what they aren’t allowed to do. Don’t forget to include if pets are allowed, parties and other house rules.

Break your rental listing up into sections so people can find the information they want to know quickly. Try separate sections for amenities, house rules, furnishings, kitchen set-up, bathroom set-up and anything else you want to include. Don’t forget to include your availability before and during the stay so that guests know you will be available to address any concerns.

The body of the listing is also an important area to include any potential flaws that people may find to complain about. This will help keep your reviews optimized and allow you to respond to any potential negative reviews with a reference to your listing.

Lastly, Airbnb now allows you to include captions on photos which can help paint a pictures of each room with detail. This is a great place to talk about the comfort of your furnishing and showcase your layout.

BONUS: Include a guide.

For an extra edge, include a guide to the local area including restaurants, entertainment, points of interest, and transportation. Airbnb has a specific section in the listing that guests can click on to see your guide. This shows guests that you are willing to go above and beyond to make them comfortable. Plus, it should get them excited for their vacation and want to book your home immediately.

Your short term rental listing is a great opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm for hosting to attract the type of guests you want. As you complete your listing, don’t forget about the importance of high quality photos. If you want help curating a professionally written listing without the hassle, you can seek help from the experienced Skye Management team.

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