Airbnb Cleaning Protocol: Everything You Need To Know

As we all know cleaning protocols are essential and due to COVID, it has become a necessity for everyone to keep our cleaning game high. The same goes for the Airbnb cleaning protocol. With COVID on the back of everyone’s minds as the U.S. starts to reopen this summer, Airbnb has enhanced its cleaning protocols with a 5 step enhanced cleaning process that is to be followed by everyone (on top of their implemented local laws).

As a short term property rental owner, understanding this protocol is important both for preventing the spread COVID-19 and keeping your guests comfortable. Plus, your attention to the cleaning protocol (and noting it in your listing description) can even yield higher booking rates. Let’s dive into the extra steps that are now required by Airbnb to ensure high safety measures. 

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Airbnb’s Newly Implemented 5 Step Cleaning Process

airbnb cleaning protocol

The steps required for keeping your rental clean have been clearly outlined on Airbnb’s website for following (in the Airbnb cleaning handbook). Simply follow each requirement and you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to keep your home as clean as possible.  

Step 1: Prepare- Acquire What You Will Need

Preparation is the most important step in this new process before you begin any actual cleaning. Thus, make sure your cleaning teams are equipped properly and have the right products to make the cleaning process smooth and easy. Make sure the space is well ventilated throughout the entire process (especially before!). Plus, use disinfectants that are proven to fight COVID germs. Lastly, don’t forget to have appropriate protective equipment like masks and gloves on hand before you begin any work.

Step 2: Clean- Dust, Mop, and Scrub

The cleaning process is pretty straightforward, with a focus on removing any “hot zones” that COVID could be lingering on. First, this involves removing any dust or dirt from countertops, floors, and any other surface. Make sure to vacuum the space, sweep, dust, and mop before you sanitize. It is also a good idea to wash any dishes with hot water to kill off any germs (using your dishwasher is a great way to do this on it’s highest heat setting). Lastly, make sure to wipe all surfaces with water and soap.

Step 3: Sanitize

Sanitizing is the most essential part of the cleaning process nowadays. All responsible firms and companies always sanitize high traffic areas like door knobs and TV remotes to kill any germs that can lead to illnesses. To properly kill lurking germs, simply spray a disinfectant on surfaces you wish to sanitize and leave it to air dry.

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Step 4: Check- Review Your Checklists

The next stop of the Airbnb cleaning protocol is to thoroughly check the cleaning you did and make sure that it meets the standards set by your local laws and regulations. Keep cleaning checklists for each room with you at all times and tick off all the cleaning processes you did and make sure all areas are sanitized and cleaned between each stay. Most likely, you have a professional cleaning team that will be taking care of this all for you, so make sure they understand the checklists and protocols.

If you are using a high quality short term rental property management company, like Skye Management, you can expect them to be up to date on all the latest cleaning protocols without you needing to worry about the details. 

Step 5: Reset- Restock Necessary Guest Supplies

To ensure the safety of your customers and staff it is always essential to make sure you throw away all the things you used and replace all the items with new ones for your next guest. Make sure to replace gloves, and wash your hands before changing bed linens, guest supplies, and cleaning kits. Wash or dispose of cleaning supplies and do not enter the room after you have cleaned in order to avoid any contamination. Also, don’t forget to empty your cleaning equipment, like the vacuum and trash cans, for your next guests. Finally, if you are utilizing contactless check-in to ensure social distancing, don’t forget to reset your code and send it your newly arriving guests. 

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Considering Airbnb Cleaning Fees

Since there are now extra steps in your rental cleaning process, you may be wondering how to recover the extra time and supplies required to do so. Whether you are a new or experienced host it is always a good idea to understand  the basics of setting airbnb cleaning fees.

Let’s quickly review what a cleaning fee is and how it might affect the hosts.

  • Cleaning fees are one-time fees hosts charge the guests which cover the cleaning costs after the guests leave. Some hosts charge this fee while others may not.
  • It is an extra charge which is added to your booking fee and it does not change no matter how long your stay is and neither can it be returned after your booking ends.
  • The cleaning fees generally cover changing linens, cleaning the room, dishwashing, cleaning fridge and cupboards, and restocking of general household items.
  • The average fee of Airbnb cleaning services differs for everyone. A small studio apartment cleaning fees will differ from a large house. However, generally, Airbnb cleaning fees usually start at 65 USD per booking and larger properties will start at 105 USD. Fees may be higher from there depending on whether you use professional cleaners and what geographical area you are renting in. 
  • Not all hosts charge a cleaning fee since they feel it drives their costs too high and might lead to a decrease in sales. Make sure you consider all aspects of why you should charge a cleaning fee and whether it is worth it or not and then charge a cleaning fee.
  • The cleaning fee is also refundable in some cases where a guest cancels their booking but if a booking has begun and then a guest cancels the booking then no refund will be given.

Not sure where to start with your rental pricing or cleaning fees? Skye Management can help with a consultation. 

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Focusing on High Quality Customer Care

It makes sense that the requirements for 2021 Airbnb cleaning services have become even more strict in their cleaning policies. This ensures that people can return to travel and vacations with minimal risk of COVID exposure. Thankfully, these protocols aren’t designed to be a burden, but rather improve your customers’ overall experience so that they can enjoy their stay at your rental without worry. This translates to more bookings, better experiences for your guests, and maybe even a 5-star review. When you focus on taking care of your customer with optimal safety practices, your reviews will speak for themselves and help you build a thriving short term rental business.

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