How to Achieve Airbnb Plus Status

With Airbnb’s efforts to continue improving both the customer and host experience, they have now rolled out the next great opportunity.  Airbnb Plus is a new designation (since 2018) that hosts can achieve through extraordinary attention to design and excellence.

Design is important for Airbnb Plus status

Airbnb Plus Requirements

  • Achieve Superhost status
  • Thoughtful attention to design to let your home tell a story and showcase it’s unique character.
  • A well-kept rental with amenities that improve the overall guest experience.  These include wifi, high quality linens, and a well-stocked kitchen and bathroom.
  • The bottom line for an Airbnb plus home comes down to superior upkeep related to cleanliness, clutter, and maintenance.
  • Having your rental listing exclusively on Airbnb

All of these requirements will be assessed by an assigned Airbnb inspector.  They will take notes and photos of your home to determine eligibility.

The benefits of Airbnb Plus

  • Attract high quality guests that trust your dedication to excellence
  • Get more bookings at a higher nightly rate
  • Higher placement in Airbnb’s search rankings
  • Priority customer service to optimize guest satisfaction
  • The ability to offer a virtual tour of your home, helping guests with their booking decisions

Airbnb reports that hosts can experience up to 7 times more listing views and a 70% increase in nights booked per month. This can add up to over$1,000 in additional monthly income.

Your home should feel inviting and well designed throughout

Is Airbnb Plus worth it?

This is a big question. When you choose to list with Airbnb plus, your listing is now considered elite and will definitely attract higher paying customers.  The statistics consistently show it will yield more income if done right.  Yet ,with this status also comes big expectations from both Airbnb and your customers.  Additionally, listing with Airbnb Plus means you’re forfeiting a lot of your own say in the property related to photos, listing rights, description details, pricing, and more.  Here are a few bottom line details to consider:

  • What is your ideal customer for your home?
  • What price point can you expect in your city’s market?  Do you have room for growth with the Airbnb Plus designation?
  • Are you located in a metropolitan area, where attention to design might give you the upper hand?  Some areas may not appreciate design details as much as others.
  • Would you prefer to list exclusively or on multiple platforms?
  • Do you have a specific description, photos, and other listing details you are set on using?


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