The Ultimate Airbnb Plus Checklist

While Airbnb lists all the requirements on their website, they are a bit cryptic and hard to navigate. Here is an in-depth list of everything you need to list your home with Airbnb Plus.  Once you have a good set up, you will schedule an inspection with Airbnb to determine eligibility.

It all starts with thoughtful design.

Detail and thought went into each room, decoration, and furniture piece.  Your home should have a unifying theme and style that provides comfort and inspiration to guests.  Your customers should feel at ease and understand the story you are telling through your décor!

Offer specific amenities to maximize guest comfort.

  • Bedrooms.
    • A fully private room or studio is required in addition to:
    • High quality beds (no squeaking or sagging) that are set up with a box spring or bed frame and adequate bedding
    • A top and bottom sheet with a comforter that all fit the bed well
    • 2 pillows for a single or 4 pillows for a double/queen bed
    • A dedicated space or drawer for your guests’ items, including a space to hang clothing with at least 4 hangers
  • Bathrooms.
    • At least one full private bathroom must be available to guests in addition to:
    • A bathtub or shower
    • A seated, flushable toilet
    • A dedicated sink
    • Hot and cold water with strong water pressure
    • A large hanging mirror
    • 4 hand towels, 4 bath towels, 2 rolls of toilet paper, hand soap, and full bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Kitchen.
    • If you are offering an entire house, a full kitchen should be provided.  If you are renting a room, a kitchenette needs to be provided.  It should include:
    • Stove top with at least 2 burners (if full kitchen), microwave, hot plate, burner (single or double), or hot plate (if kitchenette)
    • A dedicated sink with hot and cold water and strong pressure.
    • A properly stocked kitchen, including
      • Utensils: A large knife for food prep, bread knife, and paring knife, cutting board, 4 utensil sets (fork, knife, spoon)
      • Dishes: 4 plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs
      • Cooking: 2 pots and pans of any size and spatula
      • Cleaning supplies: A sponge or cleaning brush, dish soap, a garbage with trash bags, paper towels (one roll or more)
      • Drink options: A bottle opener, wine opener, water (bottled or filtered), coffee, coffeemaker, and extra filters (except in Asia), tea and tea kettle (only Asia),  and sugar (except in Asia).
  • Home Equipment.
    • TV or projector with functional cable or streaming
    • High speed Wi-Fi with a speed of 5 Mbps or more
    • Iron and ironing board or steamer
    • A/C or fan and heater or space heater that is sufficient for the area
The home should feel inviting and uncluttered.

Lastly, overall property details related to customer satisfaction and maintenance are vital.

  • Guest check-in.
    • Digital check in instructions, requiring at least one photo of how the check-in process works
    • Emergency contact information, host information, wifi login and checkout procedures all organized in a printed house manual
    • 24/7 check-in availability (after the check-in time) via lockbox, keypad, doorperson, smartlock, or a nearby host (making it all smooth and efficient)
  • Privacy and safety.
    • The house has a lock
    • All bedrooms have a solid door with a lock
    • Adequate window privacy with use of frosted panes or curtains
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Maintenance and attention to excellence.
    • All areas of the home are free of dust, hair, and stains: including furniture, decoration, appliances, walls, floors, windows, finishes, fixtures, and trim.  It should be immaculate!
    • Everything in the home works as intended and without difficulty:  including lights, appliances and electronics.  All wires and cables should be hidden from sight as well.
    • Overall condition of items in the home.  Only high-quality elements should be included.  This means no rust, scuffs, stains, tears, clutter, or other damage.  This goes for outdoor space as well.
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