How to Become a Superhost on Airbnb

In today’s short term rental market, anything that gives you an upper hand on the competition is a huge bonus. With so many homes to choose from, what will make your vacation rental stand out? If you use Airbnb for your rental, one of the best ways to distinguish yourself is to become a superhost.

What is a superhost?

According to Airbnb, superhosts are celebrated for their dedication to excellent service. This means consistent high reviews with an average of 4.8 or better, more than 10 stays in your home in the past year, no cancellations, and a 90% response rate to potential guests within 24 hours. These requirements all demonstrate that you are a dedicated host that will provide a great rental experience. Airbnb will track your progress every 3 months and designate you as a superhost when you qualify. Your qualification will then be reviewed every 3 months to maintain your status.

The benefits of being a superhost.

When you become a superhost, Airbnb is basically endorsing your rental. This status leads to an increase in the number of guests you host, increased annual income and Airbnb exclusive perks. These perks includes a 20% bonus when referring new hosts and guests and an annual travel credit.

How to expedite your status.

Now that you know how it works, the big question is where to start. Focus on keeping your customers happy and you will become a superhost in no time. This means paying attention to the little details. From inquiries, to check-in and out, and the stay itself, show your guests that you will go the extra mile to make their stay comfortable. This will ensure good reviews and satisfied clients.

If you’re feeling stuck…

Having trouble gaining traction? You may need to modify your rental listing to maximize its search-ability so that you can start getting those happy customers you need to qualify. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t have a lot of extra time to allot to your rental, consider hiring a management company. Companies, like Skye Management, simplify the entire rental process for you and provide excellent service for your clients with no extra effort needed on your part. This will fast track you to superhost status so that you can take full advantage of the benefits that come with owning a vacation home.

Other options to maximize your Airbnb rental.

Airbnb has recently introduced a new program for showcasing your home: Airbnb Plus. This program also has specific qualification related to reviews, house design and the specific amenities provided. In addition, it requires an in-person visit and verification of the home. This is just another great way for hosts to be rewarded by Airbnb for taking superb care of their home and guests.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by.

If you are a dedicated host, it will be simple to become a superhost. It can be even easier if you have a trusted management team on your side taking care of customer service and home care throughout the rental process.

Let your results speak for themselves and exponentially build your business opportunities!

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