The Extra Details That Keep Customer Happy and Coming Back

There are so many choices for vacation rentals in today’s market, since practically anyone can list their home on platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway.  To keep a competitive edge, you have to put your best foot forward. This is where the attention to little details is key.

Nowadays there are certain details in your home that are expected, such as furniture and cleanliness. However, there is so much more that you can do to go above you beyond for your clients that will illustrate your dedication to them.

Here is what you should consider having at your short term vacation rental.  They will help secure the tenants you want, keep them happy, ensure excellent reviews and increase the chance of them returning in the future for more vacation time at your place!

  • Have a welcome binder.  This binder should include details about your home and any instructions for check-in or out, appliances, Wi-Fi, etc.  Then, have a section that goes in depth on what is happening in the city. This can include attractions, an events calendar, recommended restaurants, and a detailed map that shows where grocery stores and other practical buildings are in the area.
  • Extras with the welcome binder.  Complement your binder with local maps, brochures, restaurant menus and any relevant guide books.  You can also include a guest book so they can share their great experience and read the stories of other satisfied customers.  This is always a fun little extra.
front door
  • Cozy and inviting decoration.  What decoration specifically fits your home depends on what style you are trying to emanate.  It can be anything from high-end luxury to laid-back or family style. There is no wrong way.  No matter the theme, make sure to make the entry impressionable. Then, try to coordinate your decorations throughout and focus keeping the home uncluttered.
  • Stock the kitchen with commonly used items.  This includes both food items and common household appliances.  No one wants to go to the store to buy an entire bottle of oil or salt to cook a few meals while on vacation.  Plus, bring tenants the comfort of their own home with items like a coffee maker, a good variety of cookware and utensils.  (For more details check out our article on stocking the kitchen.)
olive oil and spices
  • Stocking the bathroom with simple toiletries.   This is another great detail that keeps tenants comfortable, especially if they happen to forgot something.  Having a drawer or basket with travel size toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes and even razors will show that you care about your customers during their entire stay.  They’ll get the feeling of being in a luxury hotel. Even if they don’t use them, it is the thought that counts by stocking these cheap simple items.
  • Bonus:  Meet your tenants in person.  If you love interacting with people, you can give them an extra personal touch by actually meeting them for their check-in (and maybe check-out).  You can interact and share each other’s stories while giving them a tour of the home and addressing any questions or issues.

All of these details can make a big difference in customer satisfaction.  They are simple actionable things that you can start doing on your own or with the help of a management team.  Skye Management can help you with all these details, big and small, to guarantee a good experience for everyone!

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