Your Kitchen Set-Up Can Increase Your Vacation Home’s Rental Potential

Did you ever notice that when you’re hanging out with family and friends, no matter how big or small the home, everyone tends to congregate in the kitchen?  And for good reason; it’s where we gather to share drinks, create delicious masterpieces and share in our love of eating. This is why having a well-stocked and organized kitchen is so important for your rental property.  This way, your tenants can feel at home and enjoy all it has to offer.

Keep your kitchen as uniform as possible.

While your price point and the amount of luxury offered may vary, it is always nice to cook and have a meal that comes with matching dinnerware and utensils. It gives a professional and warm ambience to your home.  The good news is that this simple update doesn’t have to be expensive. When addressing uniformity in your kitchen, you may also consider updating the appliances. While your budget may limit you, if anything is rusting or permanently stained it’s definitely time for a change to prevent any bad first impressions.

Stock essentials in the pantry.

A big deciding factor for choosing a home over a hotel is the availability of a kitchen.  This gives guests flexibility with their meals and budget. Optimize these options by including the staples a kitchen needs to run efficiently.  After all, most vacationers don’t pack salt, pepper and oil in their suit cases! You can be as simple or extravagant as you want, but don’t forget the bare minimum items like coffee, sugar, cooking oil, salt and pepper. Keep in mind that after cooking, providing cleaning essentials should be the next obvious step.  This may include dish towels, paper towels, napkins, sponges, dish soap and other cleaning supplies.

spoons with spices

Include some little extras for good measure.

Keeping your guests in mind with little kitchen details will help make their stay a satisfying one. This can include simple things like saran wrap, Ziplocs, baking sheets, and fun cook books.  These are all items that no one thinks about until they are needed and will make life so much easier when they’re available. Plus, don’t forget the fundamentals for vacation like wine openers, bottle openers, and bar glasses too!

Go the extra mile.

Pay close attention to your guests when you interact with them prior to their stay.  Try to include a thoughtful welcome gift (it doesn’t have to be expensive) related to their favorite drinks, foods or activities.  It could be a bottle of wine, a dozen eggs or a fresh loaf of bread from a local bakery. This might seem like a small gesture, but your tenants will take big note of your thoughtfulness.  Also, make sure to leave a detailed binder with any instructions for the kitchen while welcoming them to your home.


Spend a little time on the details of your kitchen and your rental home is guaranteed to thrive.  Your extra work will not go unnoticed and will show in your reviews from happy customers.  If you would like help with all these details, Skye Management can help with your kitchen set up and so much more to make the hosting and renting experience even better.

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