Will It Be Safe to Travel in Summer 2021? AirBnb Travel Trends Show Yes

We’ve finally made it to summer 2021! Most everyone can agree that it’s been a rough 12+ months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, the U.S. is starting to cautiously look forward to a future of hope along with other parts of the world for re-opening businesses and returning to both domestic travel and international travel.

As previously restricted states like California and New York start to re-open, the entire nation is starting to ask: Will it be safe to travel in summer 2021? Thankfully, the short answer is absolutely yes. With the right preparation, the U.S. can be safely explored this summer (yay!). Many of us have desperately been missing family vacations and exploration time that help us feel connected to the world and fill our cups back up when we’re running on empty.

Today, we will dive into the current travel trends for summer vacation 2021, as reported by AirBnB. Understanding these will help you maximize your bookings as both a short term rental property owner and a U.S. citizen that is probably itching to get out a bit more this summer and re-connect with others.

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General trends for AirBnB

Below is a roundup of all of the current trends for this 2021 summer. Only time will tell is these trends are around to stay.

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1. Guests are Looking for Entire Homes

This trend makes total sense. People are looking for minimal interactions with strangers and maximal cleanliness to feel safe as they venture back out into the world. This means bookings for shared homes and rooms are generally on the decline.

As a rental property owner, it’s important to highlight if your property is contactless with options like self check-in. This simple option can be a big crowd pleaser in the current vacation landscape. Plus, reassure your guests that you are sticking to strict cleaning protocols by explicitly stating it in your description (like we do with our team of cleaning professionals at Skye Management) to put their weary minds at rest too. Ultimately, make sure these trending details are evident in your title or within the first few sentences of your description so that your potential customers don’t miss it. It can be a game changer for bookings in summer 2021 for sure.

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2. People are Going on Road Trips

Road trips are back in style with summer 2021 for people of all walks of life. One thing is for certain, this year people feel more safe getting out their front door when they have their own cars to explore from.

As a property owner, there are a lot of factors that play into road trip style vacations that can help you maximize your booking potential. Firstly, people are staying relatively close to home and taking their cars on the road to explore. This means you may want to dedicate a paragraph in your description that caters to locals. Make sure to emphasize any amenities that will improve their experience and make it a relaxing one, even if they are only a few miles from their own home. Additionally, you might also consider offering longer term stays (with a discount incentive) since many guests can now work remotely or stay longer than they could have in past years. Overall, the hottest amenities this year to highlight in your listings are daily comforts like free parking, wi-fi, air-conditioning, and a well-equipped kitchen.

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3. Families are Traveling Together

Many families have felt cooped up for far too long. Or they haven’t seen extended family for what feels like an eternity. Thus, travel in larger groups is also a major trend this summer.

As a short term rental owner, if you are equipped to house larger groups or families, make sure to illustrate this in your listing. Otherwise, you might seriously consider how you can add more space for beds in your rental property. You might need to get creative with bunk beds, a pull out couch, or even offering a blow up mattress to cater to bigger groups more easily. Your rental can become a family’s base for a happy reunion and long awaited hugs.

4. Last Minute Travel is In

There are still a lot of uncertainties out there this summer as we begin to get out and figuratively (and maybe literally) dip our toes in the sand. Ever changing state policies and the potential need for a last minute cancellation due to illness have most people booking their vacations within a week or two from their departure date.

Because of this travel trend, AirBnb is recommending offering instant bookings or a more flexible cancellation policy as travel insurance for people that are concerned about having to change their plans due to unforeseen complications. The option for instant booking has been shown to increase overall booking rates anyways, so if you have been considering using this feature it’s the perfect time to do so. In the end, this can help ease people’s minds as they try to get out this summer.

Going to California? Here are the Current Precautions for Summer Travel

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As expected, California continues to be a hot spot for summer destinations. With its open beaches, beautiful national parks, and iconic cities like San Francisco and San Diego- visitors just can’t help but come explore beautiful California. Below are some basic safety tips and rules to keep in mind as you venture into this beautiful state this summer:

  • As of June 15, 2021, the state of California is lifting all COVID related travel and group restrictions, except for conventions over 5,000 attendees
  • Local public health officials recommend continued caution and social distancing where possible
  • It is also recommended that unvaccinated visitors going to California or unvaccinated Californians that were out state continue to self-quarantine for 14 days
  • Face masks continue to be recommended in congested areas- both indoors and outdoors- even for people that are fully vaccinated to prevent an unnecessary spike in illness rates
  • Always check the local state website for any travel updates to make sure you know what to expect

The World is on the Mend

It’s a relief that this summer is starting to return to some form of “normalcy.” This is great for those of us itching to get out in the world again. Plus, it’s needed for business owners, like short term rental property owners, that may have suffered greatly but survived the turmoil of 2019, 2020, and 2021. There is a great sense of hope in the air for rental property owners and travelers alike. Understanding the current AirBnB trends can help you get back on track with your financial goals as a property owner and beyond.

If you need help getting your rental property up to par in Southern California, consider getting in touch with our expert Skye Management team. We manage everything from listings, cleaning, turnover, and more. We can give you personalized recommendations for maximizing bookings and income without feeling totally overwhelmed.

What is one thing you can do to cater to the travel trends of 2021?

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